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Halloween Fun Time! Find Frankenthomas


Keep coming back to for updates, fun and new quirks.

“Get Your Own Spot” button coming soon. Until then, try contacting me to get your own spot or service. .

Find Frankenthomas is the “Where’s Waldo”-esque game embedded into the website.

Y’all come back now ya hear?!

“Find Thomas”: My Landing Page / Portfolio Game


Now, I present to you my latest work-in-progress; my landing page:

To the user, this page appears to hold a simple premise. A game of “Find Thomas” keeps the visit friendly, entertaining and purposeful. This is true externally, but internally there lies a profound cause.

Inwardly, this page has the influence of a thousand advertisements.

This page will continue to change and as my user-base will grow, so will my influence. My intentions are to travel the world helping organizations and individuals who cannot afford thousands for advertising.

With profit, I will help others by providing stability through employment. This is only the beginning. You are invited to share in success with me. I could never have gotten this far without your participation.

Try to find Thomas and tell me whether or not you enjoy my website.

Dear Bloggers


I’m looking for you. I’m going to find you. So you can go and tell that, homeboy.

But really, I’m looking for small, medium and large blogs that have any relevance to media, art or technology. 

While I will be seeking out blog authors to ask, I surely am open to offers and friendly gestures.

The Offer: 

I’ve created a unique type of advertising that encourages exploration of ads rather than ignoring and being annoyed by them.

Many people have heard of a landing page. My newest page has successfully portrayed what I was aiming for.

I would like YOU, a talented blogger, to have your own customized building on my landing page, and in exchange, you just let your followers know what you think about your building, and link it to them.

Your building will forever have a place on my landing page, and it will serve as an amazing backlink to generate publicity for your blog.

I also accept donations in exchange for advertising space for buildings.


Comment with your blog’s URL and your thoughts on this offer.

Landing Pages 50% off

I need to build up my portfolio, so check out my landing page, and don’t hesitate to order soon because after the first few clients, prices go back to 100%.

My Landing Page <– Link

So, for any donation, you can get a landing page with customized everything, or if you’re interested in video animation or graphic design, everything is donation-based.

Cartoon Heaven


This piece was inspired by St. Peter’s Church in Rialto, California 

I dream of a world where every person uses his or her talents and abundances to the advantage of the masses and minorities.

If people who claim to be Christians would genuinely behave as brotherly and helpfully as some organizations do, there would be far less suffering and more opportunities for those who need them. It is never too late to start.

I plan to use visual arts, music and writing to strengthen the notion of being united as opposed to being divided.

If you’re with me, like, follow, share and spread blessings wherever you can.