What is an Elevator Pitch and Why You Want One

( If you hadn’t realized it, the name of this blog, EPAnimation, stands for Elevator Pitch Animation. )

An elevator pitch is a sales pitch summarized to key points that equate to approximately the length of the average elevator ride. The best elevator pitches are unique, emotional, honest and have a call to action. Technically, a pitch does not have to be selling a product or service, but most sell an idea.

Using one in your daily life gives one the confidence to feel prepared, practiced and proud of oneself. Consider using an elevator pitch in your ad campaign media, on business cards, promotions and wherever the opportunities exist to network.

There isn’t really a traditional way to go about coming up with your own. Fortunately, you can test out your pitch on people you know, strangers or online.

Some elevator pitches are simple introductions with a summarization of character and skills. Others are more logical, brand-heavy or corporate sounding. Some are very creative and rhetorical. Consider looking into various examples to see just how wide the application of one can be applied.

Taking all of this into consideration, you should now understand what the intention was behind the name Elevator Pitch Animation.


Website Not Showing Up? Here’s How to Fix It

Your website isn’t showing up because it lacks SEO (search engine optimization) practices needed to compete with similar websites or has given reason to believe it isn’t trustworthy. 

There are two primary categories of SEO. 

  • Internal methods are those which are included in your website and occur from within and sometimes link outwardly.
  • External methods include any link to a website, keyword or tag. 

In each of the categories lies a plethora of conventional and unconventional practices that may transcend multiple sectors of marketing. 

The competition could be the reason your website isn’t showing up. 

Lacking proper web security could be the reason a website isn’t showing up. 

There are also many circumstances where a website is optimized for a set of keywords or a brand name but not the intended one(s). For example, if your website is optimized for its name, people will find your website when they search for your brand name, but nothing else. 

Advanced SEO addresses the problem of capturing traffic organically by utilizing the optimization of keywords. If a website is used to sell anime mugs, it would be very beneficial to capture search engine traffic for the keywords, “anime mugs”. 

When less than average security or a low trust rating is causing a website to not show up, the answer is more subjective and often requires auditing. Upgrading and updating security as needed is important for this reason. Trust ratings are scores given based upon a website’s ability to prove it is real, legal and functioning. It will hardly matter how masterful your SEO strategy is if security and trust ratings are neglected. 

Some things that cause a low trust rating might include:

  • No or expired security certificate 
  • No recent reviews/comments 
  • No recent content
  • Broken links
  • No backlinks
  • Little to no information 
  • Not original enough
  • Too many misspellings
  • Reported for spam
  • Reported for fraud

Without a background in advanced SEO, finding and implementing a solution is costly either financially or time-wise. 

For solutions, advanced SEO and professional marketing, try Elevator Pitch Animation SEO.

Videos Aren’t Showing Up When People Search for Them? Try This.

Have you ever asked yourself “why aren’t my videos coming up when I search for them on Google?” or “why aren’t my videos showing up on YouTube?” or anything like that?

The answer isn’t so black and white. There are a number of factors that contribute to your videos’ accessibility:

  • Watch Time
  • Short keywords
  • Long keywords
  • YouTube Suggest(ions)
  • Description Length & Content
  • Timestamp Indexing
  • Hashtags
  • Title
  • Location

In addition to these, the classic SEO rules still apply to videos too

  • Backlinks
  • Social Media Shares
  • Trendiness
  • Search Volume
  • Competition for Keywords

To have your videos found when people search, you must compete with those who have mastered the art of web search engine optimization and video SEO. The algorithm is grading on a curve so those who have perfect video marketing skills make it a very competitive playing field.

You can either become a video marketer or hire one to compete with the big league.

That is why your videos do not show up and other people’s do. Even if by accident, they just happen to have a better grade when it comes to their video SEO.

where products sell themselves | ElevatorPitchAnimation.com SEO

For solutions, advanced SEO and professional marketing, try Elevator Pitch Animation SEO

How a Marketing Video Improves Website Accessibility

If you have ever searched for something on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any search engine, you may have noticed videos come up in the top results now too.

There are a few ways people are taking advantage of the benefits of video. Marketing is partly about making your products or services easily accessible or else one risks losing customers.

When it comes to video search engine optimization marketing, the benefits are clear

  • A marketing video provides another way to be found online (ie. YouTube, SEO, etc.)
  • Videos can vividly portray one’s elevator pitch or address a target audience
  • Video SEO provides one with a backlink, keyword marketing & organic engagement

Using video SEO in one’s strategy can be very beneficial if done well. The improvement to website accessibility is contingent on optimizing one’s marketing video correctly. Filling out meta tags, CTAs, keywords, location(s), titles and backlinks takes research and awareness if one hopes to maximize effectiveness.

For these and other advanced techniques, Elevator Pitch Animation offers creative solutions.

7 SEO Tools & Practices You Should Be Using

7) Meta Tags: You may or may not have heard, filling out meta tags and descriptions helps not only people find you when they read your results but also helps the algorithm itself find you.

6) Google Trends: For short-term SEO campaigns, or just accelerated campaigns in general, using trends is a simple way to stay on top of the curve.

5) Google Keywords: For long-term SEO, keyword data is key (pun intended). Knowing how often a word is searched, volume and related keywords are all vital.

4) Keyword Content Marketing: Content marketing not only has the advantage of being natively inbound, but also carries with it the benefit of improving SEO (when done right). The trick is to include your keywords when writing content and to create backlinks with said content.

3) Outreach: The heart of SEO is genuine link-building. What that entails is going out of your way to find opportunities to have your link shared. Usually that means asking favors, researching relevant but not competing bloggers, networking and making contributions to your industry in exchange for useful backlinks.

2) AHREFs: Knowing where you stand in comparison to others really helps. SEO is a very competitive field and this tool enables users to be analytical and data-driven when approaching their optimization strategies. Finding problems you would never know to look for is very useful in creating and refining a strategy that works for you.

1) Elevator Pitch Animation: The first media & SEO package deal to hit the market is a great way to buy time in the future and ensure future success. The services vary in price by website size, keywords and whether the results will be localized or nonregional. The buyer ends up with search optimized video content, advanced webpage SEO and content distribution.

Keeping these in mind, rest assured your search engine optimization strategies will have the edge needed to stay in the top percentage of results.

Selling with Video Marketing

Is it possible you could be doing something as simple as cleaning a room or as complex as 3d architecture models for an income? Those are just examples. Obviously, you could do anything you’re skilled at.

Employment from someone else is not as stable as people make it out to seem. People are fired, laid off or put into circumstances forcing them to quit all the time. In addition, some employers will cut hours down to a minimum.

Today, people have the opportunity to benefit from self-employment without ever needing to travel but whilst still being able to travel freely. Specifically, Elevator Pitch Animation often implies using animated video to distribute in order to convert leads into sales.

The animation itself is only a medium of which your call to action is located as well as the content of your message. It’s versatility makes it easy to get the best potential leads to you when coupled with effective sales copywriting.

In summary, there’s some kind of service or product you have in mind and if you were to put your name, a little contact information and whatever you’re selling into a video to distribute to a targeted audience, it would only be a matter of months before your new revenue grows beyond your current income.

A million people start goals every day but less than a percent achieve them simply because they stop trying. Like investing, marketing yourself is mostly a matter of trying and patience.

Writing Copy is not Copyright

Copyright is the ability to license and distribute content legally. While it sounds very similar at face value to copywriting, it would be like comparing the words alumni and aluminum.

Copywriting is writing copy, in case that was not obvious. Sales copy is content written, said or scripted for the purpose of converting readers into leads which are potential customers.

Most copywriters are salespeople in one sense or another whether or not they deal directly with clientele. Some copy is not for selling a product or service but for selling an idea or propaganda. Political figures use copywriters for their campaigns and speeches.

Every advertisement ever written was written in the language of sales; copywriting. What might that look like? Consider, hypothetically, that someone was trying to sell you California’s Best Commercial Video Service. The diction, emotional pleads, visuals, sounds, incentives, implications and circumstances of the prospect, you in this case, are important factors to consider among many others. Simply communicating the benefits of a product or service is no longer cost effective without a strong unique selling point. If California’s Best Commercial Video Service targets specific office professions and what are commonly known as “Side Hustles”, the sales copy will reflect that, or should.

An ad off the top of my head might sound something like:

‘The Friendliest Customer service & Highest Customer Satisfaction comes from California’s Best Commercial Video Service for Good Reason.

If there were a “Get Rich Quick” formula, everyone would be using it, but there are “Get Rich Exponentially” formulas, tested and proven with quality results. Instead of calling them that, call them marketing solutions.

To find out more about these solutions and how they apply to you, contact California’s Best Commercial Video Service today.

At ElevatorPitchAnimation.com ‘

As you can tell, the goal is to get readers interested in an idea, product, service or brand. That is only the surface. The reasoning behind copy is driven by the intent to distribute to a specific audience, even if that audience is the entire human race.

Clearly, it would be easier to convince someone to purchase a soda than an automobile, but how many units of soda does that salesperson need to sell to make as much as the sale from one automobile? Long-term, everything seems to balance out if you have what it takes.

Many people are good copywriters and have no idea, but many copywriters are not cut out for sales copy.

I Forgot I Made This Animated Music Video 4 Years Ago

In 2012-2013 I was doing more networking than I am now, and that led to me doing business with the Collinz Room, a Los Angeles punk band with a unique Hollywood flair.

Lew Nottke and I came up with the music video for one of the Collinz Room’s original songs.

Since then, the band has gone to perform at venues around Los Angeles county and it appears they have new albums in the making.

For those interested in watching Sweet Sober by the Collinz Room, you can find the animated music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dlr4ndapkpo 


35 Uses for Pixel Art

1. Handheld Consoles

2. User Interface

3. Web Design

4. Icons

5. Compressed Graphics

6. Casino Games

7. Brochures

8. Forms

9. Collectibles

10. Toys

11. Murals

12. Scaled Graphics

13. Isometric Blueprints

14. Buttons

15. Stickers

16. Animation

17. HUD

18. Intros

19. Outros

20. Education

21. Music Videos

22. Pattern Design

23. Advertising

24. Blogging

25. Comics

26. Clothing Design

27. 2.5 Dimensional environments

28. Browser games

29. PC Games

30. Avatars

31. Canvases

32. Caricatures

33. Editing

34. Tabletop Games

35. Models