The Most Creative Interactive Game Online Can Be Played On Instagram

Animation & Whatnot (@animationandwhatnot), a new creative media & marketing service, has created what can be considered the most creative and interactive game ever to be played online due to its simplicity and imaginative nature.

Players can play without leaving the Instagram apps on their phones making the game mobile and browser friendly. Unlike most games where you have a set of actions for the user to play with, Animation & Whatnot has given the game only one input but has unlimited potential for output. To play, you need only to comment what you’d like to see the main character do. Other players will do the same, some with similar inputs and some with entirely different suggestions.

The game encourages players to stay updated with the page, engagement primarily in the form of commenting, gives a valuable incentive to subscribe to notifications and makes the best possible experience for its end users.

“Nothing about the game is automated. Everything is done by hand. New campaigns and ideas for this game are going to be tested in the upcoming weeks. This is likely a temporary but reusable idea. You’re going to want to be a part of it. It’s very exciting to see what people come up with because it influences what happens next so the audience and I can be positive influences in each others lives,” said Joshua Autrey Serrano, the creator and founder of Animation & Whatnot and its revolutionary game.

The game is original because of its unique optimization. Animation & Whatnot can, and plans to, expand to mediums outside of Instagram starting with and other social media platforms making it extremely easy to enjoy. Many have compared the gameplay to popular RPG games.


Check out the game at 


Draw Brawl (Tabletop Game) has a Limited Supply

I have to make these by hand. I’m going to update the page on with photos and video soon so you can see what to expect from a product in alpha stages.

Since I’m a one man team at the moment, I will only be able to provide a couple dozen Draw Brawl tabletop games until some miracles happen.

This is not a large hindrance because the purpose of getting this game to you is for feedback. Too many opinions can be conflicting in the early stages, but I encourage you to be one of the first to buy, try and cry about anything I can do to make it better.

This is not a promise, but I would like to give everyone who participates in the early stages of Draw Brawl a special edition of the game when the production version is released.  I will see what I can do when the time comes. Someone remind me later.

From humble beginnings to pre-marketing, Draw Brawl is gradually making its way.

It’s made without electronics, so it won’t give you cancer. is

For now, and for SEO reasons, when you go to , you will in fact find yourself at a website that looks like Elevator Pitch Animation, and that’s because it kind of is.

The website is in fact , which is basically the same thing, but for a while now, things have been shifting more and more from one name to the other. It makes very little difference to the viewers, but for statistics, it does provide benefit.

The point here is to tell you that  is the same thing as in every way except name.

The websites will be going through many changes and additions in the near future.

Expect original cartoons, giveaways, videos, games, events and more at Animation & Whatnot (and Elevator Pitch Animation)!

The Future

If I can’t put together the vision I have for myself and other artists, I plan to sell

Feel free to leave your advice, leave your website or make an offer. You’re bidding on the domain name, not this blog.

Why would someone want

The same reasons someone paid $500,000 for

Marketing. Specifically SEO and web marketing.


So, I’m going to spend the next month trying to use my domains wisely, but if I simply can’t find the time and resources, there’s no harm in taking offers.

There will be updates on this website and maybe a transitional period before either moving to a new virtual location or closing down this little personal media blog.


What is Elevator Pitch Animation? If you know what animation is, you’re already halfway there. An elevator pitch is a brief description, usually no longer than an elevator ride, of your business, product or service. So when you put Elevator Pitch together with Animation, you get

If you aren’t a salesperson, self-employed, a marketer or a business owner, you likely couldn’t care less. These things are here for the entrepreneurs of the world, not the consumers.

Coming Soon: Sell Your Animation to

Good animation isn’t that hard to come by now that the industry is becoming oversaturated with artists of all kinds. Everyone has a style which begins to devalue people with similar styles. The way to combat this is to be original, or at least semi-original, but that never guarantees you a place in the industry.

If you have more than an idea; say perhaps, a pilot, a series, a comic, a very developed script with characters, a very unique style, a very unique fan base or a completed cartoon that needs to be seen, Animation & Whatnot might find you and make you an offer.

It is far from easy making a successful cartoon. Making the cartoon is only half of the challenge. The other half is marketing, advertising and distribution. If you’ve ever tried making a cartoon successful on your own, you’re well aware of the costs and networking required just to get anywhere near a producer.

Why wants your cartoons:

~Hiring people to make original series is more expensive than purchasing the rights to already existing ones. More time and energy can be spent on important things.

~Artists spend their free time and passionate efforts to create beautiful works of art that go unseen and Animation & Whatnot is on a mission to change that.

~Nothing makes people happier than seeing their creations come to life. Animation & Whatnot is focused on making the world a better place by giving artists opportunities for merchandising, licensing, distribution and advertising.


Before that can happen, a little more capital is being raised. If you would like to aid in the process and get your name in the spotlight, find out how you can help by contacting Animation & Whatnot.

Check out Animation & Whatnot‘s original series!