35 Uses for Pixel Art


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1. Handheld Consoles

2. User Interface

3. Web Design

4. Icons

5. Compressed Graphics

6. Casino Games

7. Brochures

8. Forms

9. Collectibles 

10. Toys

11. Murals

12. Scaled Graphics

13. Isometric Blueprints

14. Buttons

15. Stickers

16. Animation

17. HUD

18. Intros

19. Outros

20. Education

21. Music Videos

22. Pattern Design

23. Advertising 

24. Blogging 

25. Comics

26. Clothing Design

27. 2.5 Dimensional environments 

28. Browser games

29. PC Games

30. Avatars

31. Canvases

32. Caricatures 

33. Editing

34. Tabletop Games

35. Models

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Tricks for Animation


As a seasoned independent animator with over 8 years of experience and 70+ cartoons, I’ve learned so much and I refuse to stop learning.

If you have an interest in cartoons, independent or not, these tips may or may not do you some good. (I have not attended any schools for the arts. )

  • Keyframes are everything
    • Good in-between animation is usually needed when you have a budget.
    • Focus on your keyframing for a more solid animation
  • Drawing isn’t everything
    • It does count, but being good at drawing does not make you good at animation.
    • Some of the best animation has subpar drawing.
  • Anticipation
    • This goes so far as being absolutely essential to any good animation.
    • Look up the 12 Principles of Animation.
  • More is more
    • In animation, more animation is more animation.
  • Reusing Animation
    • Reuse wisely and always reuse creatively.
  • Backgrounds
    • Backgrounds don’t have to be animated.
  • Color
    • Color creates emotion, but too many colors can be pricey.
  • Easing
    • Another essential principle. Parabolas are used in g00d animation.
    • But really, look up the 12 principles of animation.
  • Audio
    • Going mute in cartoons only serves two purposes.
      • Imitating old cartoons and
      • Exaggerating

That’s enough for one blog post. I started to make a cartoon for this, and maybe I’ll finish it someday. More likely though, I’ll probably do a live stream about it and then upload the highlights.



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Still Here; Here’s Where I’ve Been

I am “Animation & Whatnot”. It captures what I do with most of my time. I dabble in many things but other than music, none more than cartoon animation. You can catch me doing other things like writing, drawing, playing guitar, traveling or just hanging out in different settings. 
On Instagram  (username: animationandwhatnot ) I post original  pixel art pieces I draw. Examples below.
On Twitch (username:animationandwhatnot ) is where you’ll find me unedited. This is the rawest you’ll find me unless I become an actor of any sort.

On YouTube (username: animationandwhatnot ) I post finished, edited and highlighted videos for those who love higher quality productions. You’ll find hours of cartoons mainly. 

On WordPress (username:mmautrey) I have my primary blog, takethatstupidpeople.wordpress.com, where I come to rant about American things and post Californian reviews as well as helpful content for happier living.

Here, unfortunately, I’m not nearly as active as I could be. Maybe that’s not bad. Everywhere else, I appear to be shitting out new content every second.
I’ve got a lot of good ideas that go without seeing the light of day. So, I’ll do my best to share the best ones here and leave the fluff to the linked accounts above. 
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My Graphic Design Portfolio

My Artwork / Photography Portfolio

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Halloween Fun Time! Find Frankenthomas


Keep coming back to http://joshuaas.elementfx.com/ for updates, fun and new quirks.

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Find Frankenthomas is the “Where’s Waldo”-esque game embedded into the website.

Y’all come back now ya hear?!

“Find Thomas”: My Landing Page / Portfolio Game


Now, I present to you my latest work-in-progress; my landing page: http://joshuaas.elementfx.com/

To the user, this page appears to hold a simple premise. A game of “Find Thomas” keeps the visit friendly, entertaining and purposeful. This is true externally, but internally there lies a profound cause.

Inwardly, this page has the influence of a thousand advertisements.

This page will continue to change and as my user-base will grow, so will my influence. My intentions are to travel the world helping organizations and individuals who cannot afford thousands for advertising.

With profit, I will help others by providing stability through employment. This is only the beginning. You are invited to share in success with me. I could never have gotten this far without your participation.

Try to find Thomas and tell me whether or not you enjoy my website.