What is an Elevator Pitch and Why You Want One

( If you hadn’t realized it, the name of this blog, EPAnimation, stands for Elevator Pitch Animation. ) An elevator pitch is a sales pitch summarized to key points that equate to approximately the length of the average elevator ride. The best elevator pitches are unique, emotional, honest and have a call to action. Technically,Continue reading “What is an Elevator Pitch and Why You Want One”

Opportunities Don’t Create Themselves

There is a lot to be done in the world right now. Is it really so hard to be successful? There are machines taking over jobs everywhere, but don’t those machines need people to maintain them? There are many jobs outsourced, but new companies are being born every month. There’s a lot of competition inContinue reading “Opportunities Don’t Create Themselves”

Now Here’s Something You’ll Really Like

There’s a couple more ‘Boxo’ cartoons in the series that I’ll post soon.  http://youtu.be/4C6PE1qSUrA http://youtu.be/3hZniIxWfzs These videos from 2009 reflect the creativity and artistic style I had during my youth. I had to use the laptop touchpad but I’m still using it today. They’re old and they’re not exactly my best work, but I’m gladContinue reading “Now Here’s Something You’ll Really Like”