The First Ad Creative Marketing Solutions

My name is Joshua Autrey Serrano & years ago, 

I created the world’s first Video SEO & Animation Packages, an inexpensive way to approach long-term search engine optimization propagation by using animation as a vehicle for marketing.

Before that, I started creating the world’s first publicity marketing solutions package, a perfect balance of real-world influence and positive public relations. (It has yet to be announced as of yet but you can purchase it by contacting)

Recently, I finished creating the world’s first Ad Creative Marketing Solutions Packages, the first ever blend of original or curated content, tested advertising and expert marketing advice that makes for the perfect solution for advertising.

With this new addition to the services offered, everyone now has access to the most advanced creative marketing solutions created to date.

Read the article above to learn more about this new one-of-a-kind service package.

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Opportunities Don’t Create Themselves

There is a lot to be done in the world right now. Is it really so hard to be successful?

There are machines taking over jobs everywhere, but don’t those machines need people to maintain them?

There are many jobs outsourced, but new companies are being born every month.

There’s a lot of competition in the art industry, but there’s always room for the next best.

There are a lot of games in the world, but people are going to keep playing the newest games.

Just start improving your portfolio. Don’t try to be creative, just create.

Don’t settle on a job. Get your career.

Don’t accept rejection. Seek opportunities elsewhere. 

Now Here’s Something You’ll Really Like

There’s a couple more ‘Boxo’ cartoons in the series that I’ll post soon.

These videos from 2009 reflect the creativity and artistic style I had during my youth. I had to use the laptop touchpad but I’m still using it today.

They’re old and they’re not exactly my best work, but I’m glad I made these.

If you like them, please share. Stay tuned for more cartoons.