100 Reasons to Hire Me

100. I can work anytime. 99. I provide free samples. 98. You can have your idea brought to life. 97. I provide cartoon animation 96. As well as motion design. 95. Graphic design and character development too. 94. I work with almost any budgets. 93. I provide video editing as well. 92. I provide backgroundsContinue reading “100 Reasons to Hire Me”

Now Here’s Something You’ll Really Like

There’s a couple more ‘Boxo’ cartoons in the series that I’ll post soon.  http://youtu.be/4C6PE1qSUrA http://youtu.be/3hZniIxWfzs These videos from 2009 reflect the creativity and artistic style I had during my youth. I had to use the laptop touchpad but I’m still using it today. They’re old and they’re not exactly my best work, but I’m gladContinue reading “Now Here’s Something You’ll Really Like”