Selling with Video Marketing

Is it possible you could be doing something as simple as cleaning a room or as complex as 3d architecture models for an income? Those are just examples. Obviously, you could do anything you’re skilled at.

Employment from someone else is not as stable as people make it out to seem. People are fired, laid off or put into circumstances forcing them to quit all the time. In addition, some employers will cut hours down to a minimum.

Today, people have the opportunity to benefit from self-employment without ever needing to travel but whilst still being able to travel freely. Specifically, Elevator Pitch Animation often implies using animated video to distribute in order to convert leads into sales.

The animation itself is only a medium of which your call to action is located as well as the content of your message. It’s versatility makes it easy to get the best potential leads to you when coupled with effective sales copywriting.

In summary, there’s some kind of service or product you have in mind and if you were to put your name, a little contact information and whatever you’re selling into a video to distribute to a targeted audience, it would only be a matter of months before your new revenue grows beyond your current income.

A million people start goals every day but less than a percent achieve them simply because they stop trying. Like investing, marketing yourself is mostly a matter of trying and patience.

I Forgot I Made This Animated Music Video 4 Years Ago

In 2012-2013 I was doing more networking than I am now, and that led to me doing business with the Collinz Room, a Los Angeles punk band with a unique Hollywood flair.

Lew Nottke and I came up with the music video for one of the Collinz Room’s original songs.

Since then, the band has gone to perform at venues around Los Angeles county and it appears they have new albums in the making.

For those interested in watching Sweet Sober by the Collinz Room, you can find the animated music video here: 


35 Uses for Pixel Art

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1. Handheld Consoles

2. User Interface

3. Web Design

4. Icons

5. Compressed Graphics

6. Casino Games

7. Brochures

8. Forms

9. Collectibles 

10. Toys

11. Murals

12. Scaled Graphics

13. Isometric Blueprints

14. Buttons

15. Stickers

16. Animation

17. HUD

18. Intros

19. Outros

20. Education

21. Music Videos

22. Pattern Design

23. Advertising 

24. Blogging 

25. Comics

26. Clothing Design

27. 2.5 Dimensional environments 

28. Browser games

29. PC Games

30. Avatars

31. Canvases

32. Caricatures 

33. Editing

34. Tabletop Games

35. Models

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Featured Guest Musician ‘Hudson’

I found “Seven Arrows” on Radio Reddit, at the top of all voted-on tracks in the indie genre.

Upon listening to the track, I was instantly soothed and impressed by its 70’s classic rock atmosphere. This song could easily fit in with another decade and the genre of soft rock.

Hudson is the musician and composer behind ‘Seven Arrows’

When searched, Hudson’s only trail of video was an edited Gran Turino video that a fan had put together with his song.

To better publicize this work, I gave the artist a message asking permission to use the song for an officially certifiable music video. The aesthetics may appear to have been rushed, because they were, but I wanted something online as soon as possible that resembled the song more closely than an edited movie video.

I may not be able to give this artist the million dollar budget for a music video he has the potential for, but this is a better start than the prior fan-made version.

Online Video Series for Digital Art & Pixel Art Designers

Whether the show be once a week, twice a month, or daily, wouldn’t you watch and participate in a show that encourages equality, collaboration and original content among the digital and pixel art communities?

I differentiate between digital art and pixel art only because of the growing pixel industry. Pixel art has a specific utility, as well as particular mediums. Digital art includes any and all art that was created through software.

I have the ability to produce such a show, but I would never be able to do it alone, without the support of said communities.

This discussion is open to opinions, helpful suggestions and support.


Artist Network to Provide Graphics, Videos & Exchange Center

I feel that though many online art services exist, none of them cater to the game artists and digital artists. The traditional art form gets a decent amount of attention online. Digital art is seen less as art and consequently, gets more difficult to publicize in the art communities.

There are networking services for digital artists like and that are simple and straightforward.

What I want to join, or create if unavailable, is a website with categorized art, ability to message users and collaborate, a voting system, equal-opportunity advertisements, IRC, contests, ease of uploading content, customization of portfolio, channels for videos, comment with sub-comment system and forums.

A lot of people claim is that website, but I’ve never had a good experience on Deviant Art. The submission process is stressful. Gaining attention on DA is like trying to gain individual attention by waving to a plane at night in a crowd full of other waving people.

The community is so far apart, it’s like there’s a 1% that gets 90% of all attention and views.

(Why does that sound familiar? )

If there’s no such place that I’m searching for, I’ll have to make a note to start developing that.