The Most Creative Interactive Game Online Can Be Played On Instagram

Animation & Whatnot (@animationandwhatnot), a new creative media & marketing service, has created what can be considered the most creative and interactive game ever to be played online due to its simplicity and imaginative nature.

Players can play without leaving the Instagram apps on their phones making the game mobile and browser friendly. Unlike most games where you have a set of actions for the user to play with, Animation & Whatnot has given the game only one input but has unlimited potential for output. To play, you need only to comment what you’d like to see the main character do. Other players will do the same, some with similar inputs and some with entirely different suggestions.

The game encourages players to stay updated with the page, engagement primarily in the form of commenting, gives a valuable incentive to subscribe to notifications and makes the best possible experience for its end users.

“Nothing about the game is automated. Everything is done by hand. New campaigns and ideas for this game are going to be tested in the upcoming weeks. This is likely a temporary but reusable idea. You’re going to want to be a part of it. It’s very exciting to see what people come up with because it influences what happens next so the audience and I can be positive influences in each others lives,” said Joshua Autrey Serrano, the creator and founder of Animation & Whatnot and its revolutionary game.

The game is original because of its unique optimization. Animation & Whatnot can, and plans to, expand to mediums outside of Instagram starting with and other social media platforms making it extremely easy to enjoy. Many have compared the gameplay to popular RPG games.


Check out the game at 


35 Uses for Pixel Art

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1. Handheld Consoles

2. User Interface

3. Web Design

4. Icons

5. Compressed Graphics

6. Casino Games

7. Brochures

8. Forms

9. Collectibles 

10. Toys

11. Murals

12. Scaled Graphics

13. Isometric Blueprints

14. Buttons

15. Stickers

16. Animation

17. HUD

18. Intros

19. Outros

20. Education

21. Music Videos

22. Pattern Design

23. Advertising 

24. Blogging 

25. Comics

26. Clothing Design

27. 2.5 Dimensional environments 

28. Browser games

29. PC Games

30. Avatars

31. Canvases

32. Caricatures 

33. Editing

34. Tabletop Games

35. Models

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