How to Make a Successful Pilot

From analyzing the best cartoons, I’ve noticed a similar pattern despite having no other obvious similarities.

Pilot episodes are usually terrible or slightly unbearable when compared to its subsequent season, but they still strike interest and have lots of potential.

What separates a successful pilot from a really bad one?

Plot. The plot has to be versatile, and you have to be able to stretch that pilot’s plot into 20 hours minimum. If you think about all the shows on TV, they all have really flexible, simple taglines that you wonder about before giving the show a chance.

Don’t just write a pilot episode. Write a general synopsis for your 100 hours of anticipated episodes.

If you have bad art, you’re in the pool with everyone else. You can hire an artist.

TV shows are more than movies. Often there is a budget difference, but TV is a favored medium.

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