Why Do Some Bad Shows Do So Well?

A lot of television shows are not your favorite programs, and only a few pertain to your liking. This can be for many reasons, but the majority of people can recognize a low-quality show fairly quickly. Low-quality is not synonymous with low-budget. There are some high-budget films and shows with repulsive content. So, why doContinue reading “Why Do Some Bad Shows Do So Well?”

Opportunities Don’t Create Themselves

There is a lot to be done in the world right now. Is it really so hard to be successful? There are machines taking over jobs everywhere, but don’t those machines need people to maintain them? There are many jobs outsourced, but new companies are being born every month. There’s a lot of competition inContinue reading “Opportunities Don’t Create Themselves”

How to Make a Successful Pilot

From analyzing the best cartoons, I’ve noticed a similar pattern despite having no other obvious similarities. Pilot episodes are usually terrible or slightly unbearable when compared to its subsequent season, but they still strike interest and have lots of potential. What separates a successful pilot from a really bad one? Plot. The plot has to beContinue reading “How to Make a Successful Pilot”