Dear Parents & Education Directors

There is a growing need for educational media in today’s world. Consider the uses and applications cartoons can provide not only for children, but for anyone including you.

Cartoons? Yes. Cartoon animation is the most effective means of portraying anything visual to children. The cost of animation is substantially less than creating a live-action replica.

There are so many distractions in the world for children to absorb, but if you really want to make any difference, you have to put some alternative out there.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were someone putting out cartoons every week on behalf of the parents and educators who want to offer alternatives for like-minded parents and teachers? 

There could be.

Anyone interested in making this happen? I happen to be a cartoonist and motion designer.

By making education entertaining, kids will love to learn.


YouTube Sucks Now & Flash Will Never Die

YouTube announced this week that there will never be another preferred flash player as HTML5 has become the default player.

In my experiences, HTML5 is a lot laggier and less controllable than Flash. The creation of applications in Flash is worlds easier and the potential for creation is so much better with Adobe.

There will always be Flash games, applications and movies as long as the internet exists, but HTML5 will soon fade away into something the WWW considers “better”.

Sure the programming being more complex allows for some great potential for browser applications, but there’s never been any demand for something better than Flash because if there was, the solution sure wouldn’t be what YouTube is switching to.

Watching videos has never been more of a pain. Please be temporary, YouTube.

Why Do Some Bad Shows Do So Well?

A lot of television shows are not your favorite programs, and only a few pertain to your liking. This can be for many reasons, but the majority of people can recognize a low-quality show fairly quickly.

Low-quality is not synonymous with low-budget. There are some high-budget films and shows with repulsive content.

So, why do some shows do well even though they obviously suck so much? 

They keep producing content. Plain and simple.

It may not be quality but it’s consistent and people look for new content whether or not it’s good.

Advertisments don’t discriminate. If a show is getting negative attention, it’s still counted as good publicity all the same.

Good shows often run out of content because they try so hard in a world of people who don’t appreciate the effort. They aren’t willing to ruin their reputation by selling out. 

So, what does this lesson tell us?

It tells us that whether or not we think our content is good enough, there are always going to be successful opportunities for consistent production. Don’t create just for money, but don’t make your best content your only content.

Opportunities Don’t Create Themselves

There is a lot to be done in the world right now. Is it really so hard to be successful?

There are machines taking over jobs everywhere, but don’t those machines need people to maintain them?

There are many jobs outsourced, but new companies are being born every month.

There’s a lot of competition in the art industry, but there’s always room for the next best.

There are a lot of games in the world, but people are going to keep playing the newest games.

Just start improving your portfolio. Don’t try to be creative, just create.

Don’t settle on a job. Get your career.

Don’t accept rejection. Seek opportunities elsewhere. 

How to Make a Successful Pilot

From analyzing the best cartoons, I’ve noticed a similar pattern despite having no other obvious similarities.

Pilot episodes are usually terrible or slightly unbearable when compared to its subsequent season, but they still strike interest and have lots of potential.

What separates a successful pilot from a really bad one?

Plot. The plot has to be versatile, and you have to be able to stretch that pilot’s plot into 20 hours minimum. If you think about all the shows on TV, they all have really flexible, simple taglines that you wonder about before giving the show a chance.

Don’t just write a pilot episode. Write a general synopsis for your 100 hours of anticipated episodes.

If you have bad art, you’re in the pool with everyone else. You can hire an artist.

TV shows are more than movies. Often there is a budget difference, but TV is a favored medium.

Let’s Build an Art Empire Step by Step

We could all just sit here and wish for our problems to go away.

We could all just pretend someone else is solving our problems and we’re just waiting on them.

We could, but nothing is ever going to change in our favor if we leave everything up to other people.

There are people who might not be the most talented or intelligent, but they are out there being productive. They are making money because they are producing something beneficial to society.

What is the first step? The first step to solving any equation is to break it down into something you can work on.

I’m one person, but together, you and I are two people, and if you add in that guy over there, we have three people. If we can get enough artists to support the art empire network idea from the last post, we can crowdsource and create the new default for art networking! 

If it doesn’t happen, it’s because there isn’t a demand. If it does happen, THANK THE ENTIRE ART COMMUNITY!

Comment / Share if you’re on board!

Artists Unite!

I can’t be the only one who wishes it was easier to find work and find places where people can hire artists by category. Craigslist just doesn’t cut it, especially with the competitive flagging.

Should we take matters into our own hands and make an artist network? This includes musicians, cartoonists, traditional artists, digital artists, photoshop editors, motion designers, web designers, sculptors and others. 

Together, we are strong, but divided we fall.

Wouldn’t life be easier if there was an easy way for people to find your work and see how much you charge, and be able to contact your work line and not just some personal message inbox?