National Blog Posting Month is Here! Expect More.

This November, and every year after, it’s recognized online as a month celebrating blogging.

It has derived from National Novel Writing Month, which will not be formally celebrated on this blog. I won’t say where you can find my informal blog, but it really isn’t difficult to find if you for it for a few minutes.

If you didn’t read the last few submissions, you may have overlooked that submissions are open for digital artists, especially for pixel art, to be featured in a video series showcasing the best new artwork online. 

I’m going to release some comics in order to storyboard some cartoon projects. These may or may not become animated depending on the budget and popularity.

mirror comic

I’m attempting to put together more videos this month, seeing as how EP Animation is a media outlet for original content. You’ll be able to find old and new videos posted to

I take suggestions if they’re helpful.


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