Artist Network to Provide Graphics, Videos & Exchange Center

I feel that though many online art services exist, none of them cater to the game artists and digital artists. The traditional art form gets a decent amount of attention online. Digital art is seen less as art and consequently, gets more difficult to publicize in the art communities.

There are networking services for digital artists like and that are simple and straightforward.

What I want to join, or create if unavailable, is a website with categorized art, ability to message users and collaborate, a voting system, equal-opportunity advertisements, IRC, contests, ease of uploading content, customization of portfolio, channels for videos, comment with sub-comment system and forums.

A lot of people claim is that website, but I’ve never had a good experience on Deviant Art. The submission process is stressful. Gaining attention on DA is like trying to gain individual attention by waving to a plane at night in a crowd full of other waving people.

The community is so far apart, it’s like there’s a 1% that gets 90% of all attention and views.

(Why does that sound familiar? )

If there’s no such place that I’m searching for, I’ll have to make a note to start developing that.


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